Storytelling for Startups



DURATION 7.5 hrs
COURSE TYPE Self-paced
CATEGORY Learning Bundles
DIFFICULTY LEVEL Beginner to Intermediate

Get the fundamentals on writing up, developing and delivering your content online.

This bundle includes courses designed by PhilDev Foundation:

In this course, embark on a learning journey and harness skills, and become effective storytellers in this digital era. Let the world be your platform for the stories you would like to tell.

Part of successful storytelling is choosing the platform and developing a story plan. Through this course, you will explore various digital platforms which you can explore in telling your story based on your identified core message and audience.

After carefully planning your digital story, it's now time for deployment! Through this course, you will begin writing your story outline. You will be exploring various tech tools to help you tell your story. And finally, you'll learn how to test and refine your story to ensure that you meet your story's goals and objectives.

Social Media is the present and the future of marketing. It is a way to connect to potential customers, partners, and even investors for your startup. In this course, you will learn how to create a social media content management plan, determine relevant content to efficiently inform, educate, and engage the your stakeholders, and monitor your startup's social media performance according to set metrics.