Taking Care of Your Voice

with Ruselle Castro


Php 300


DURATION 3 hours
COURSE TYPE Self-paced
CATEGORY General Interest

Voice is one of the essential functions of the human body. It's our verbal way of communicating our ideas, insights, and feelings to the world. In some professions, like teaching, telemarketing, voice coach and talents, etc. it is very important to maintain a healthy voice. In this course, you will be taught techniques and strategies on how to take care of your voice and develop it to contribute to your self-presentation.

Maintaining a healthy voice must be a part of everyone's wellness routine since its a function that is relevant and important to all careers, especially those that requires long hours of use of verbal communication. In this course series, you will learn various exercises and routines focused on proper breathing exercises, correct and proper posture, exercises for facial muscles that will help contribute to the improvement of your voice.

What you'll get

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Exclusive access to learning materials
  • Exclusive access to assignments, activities, and forums
  • Course Assessments

At the end of course, you will be able to

  1. Develop the ability to speak fluently and interactively
  2. Demonstrate the different warmups for the voice
  3. Apply the different exercises and vocalization before and after talking
  4. Appreciate the importance of having a healthy voice

Who should take this course

  • Educators 
  • Voice Talents
  • Individuals who are interested in developing and improving their voice

Picture of Ruselle Castro

Ruselle Castro
Special Science Teacher V
Philippine Science High School - Central Luzon

Coach Ruselle handles the curricular offerings for Music 1 to 4 of Grade 7 to 10 scholars. He is currently handling heading  SUNIS NING SUALA, the official choir of PSHS-Central Luzon Campus.

He is also the conductor of DULCE SUONO DELLA CORDA, the official Rondalla group of PSHS-CLC that competed in the National Music Competitions for Young Artists (NAMCYA).

He also rendered time as a resource person in various seminars and training specifically about Music. From the said speaking engagements, he was able to produce outputs such as curriculum, teaching strategies, and classroom management techniques, among others. He is also one of the writers of the PSHSS Music curriculum.