Production of Learning Materials (Complete Pathway)


Php 2500


DURATION 30 hours
COURSE TYPE Self-paced
CATEGORY Learning Bundles
DIFFICULTY LEVEL Beginner to Intermediate

This bundle includes:
Voice Lessons Bundle
Video Production Bundles
Writing For Online Learning Bundles

Be equipped with a full learning pathway on production of learning materials. From foundational concepts to practical exercises and practices, you will be able to elevate the quality of content videos you put up whether for training, teacher or entertainment.

This bundle includes:

When you engaging in public speaking, no matter the audience size, it helps to be prepared with your top tool -- your voice. In this bundle you will learn the fundamentals of how to harness the power of your voice with warms ups, drills and applications.

Create content the way professionals do it with this 3-part bundle that'll teach you how to plan, execute and post-process your materials. In this set, you can access industry practices to apply to how you can make your learning videos with great quality.

Learn about the full process of brainstorming your content and why it matters to think about how you deliver your message well in a way that your audience can grasp and follow. Writing For Online Learning is a 2-part course with extensive focus on foundations and applications.