Distance Learning Management Bundle


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COURSE TYPE Self-paced
CATEGORY Learning Bundles

This bundle includes:
Classroom Management in a Virtual Environment
How to Mitigate Online Cheating
Managing Synchronous and Asynchronous Activities
The Future of Learning Post Pandemic

Distance learning has its set of benefits and challenges. On the one hand, thanks to technology, we can teach and study while having more flexibility in terms of time that we spend at work and with family. On the other hand, we miss out on the connections that in-person classes bring. This course bundle tackles possible solutions to the challenges of distance learning, such as mitigating online cheating, managing a virtual classroom, and next steps in a post-pandemic learning environment.

This bundle includes:

Nurture a well-managed virtual learning environment, and instill positive behavior among your students by understanding essential online classroom management techniques.

As more schools go online, students become better at cheating and plagiarism. Find out some tricks students use nowadays and how established schools and universities deploy means to detect and prevent cheating in an online learning setup. 

Successful online teaching is composed of well-organized and strategic online and offline activities. In this course, the participants will be able to plan, organize, and implement effective and efficient synchronous and asynchronous learning program. Videos, reading materials, discussion boards, and other resources are provided to facilitate the learning process. 

Outlined against the lecture of Dean Bridget Long, of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, this course talks about the state of education after a year in the pandemic. Challenges, learnings, and vision on the future of learning were discussed.