Journey To Effective Online Teaching Bundle (CPD)


Php 1000


DURATION 11 hours
COURSE TYPE Self-paced
CATEGORY Learning Bundles

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the course of education in the blink of an eye. Educators and students find themselves in a new space — the virtual classroom. Suddenly, we are faced with new challenges when it comes to teaching and learning: engaging students that you can only see through a screen, structuring lessons for asynchronous and synchronous consumption, handling technical challenges such as internet connectivity and device performance, and much more. This learning bundle is put together by digital native educators who practiced online teaching even before the pandemic, and applied their learnings successfully as the world shifted to online learning. Upon completing the learning bundle, you will have gained the knowledge of our online learning experts and will be able to use this new knowledge confidently in enriching your own virtual classroom.

This bundle includes:

This course teaches about the pedagogies and methodologies that support online teaching and learning. Gain familiarity with the latest trends in online education and evaluate their effectiveness in improving students' achievement.

resources, and manage the virtual classroom. This course aims to help educators find the right balance between synchronous and asynchronous learning by providing effective and efficient online teaching strategies.

As we move towards online education, not only does the delivery of learning change, the technology also poses more opportunities for the different modes of cheating. In this course, you will explore several strategies and tactics that colleges and universities designed to mitigate (and eventually eliminate) cheating.

How are education leaders, administrators, teachers, students, and parents are coping with this learning approach? In this course, we will hear from global education leaders what they have accomplished and learned from the past two years of doing remote learning and what strategies would help them shape the future of education in their respective institutions.

Hybrid learning is the top priority of academic institutions for post-pandemic education. In this course, you will the rationale behind this, as well as its benefits and differences from blended learning. Various models and strategies will be discussed to help you implement this learning set-up in your class, or the school at large.